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Privacy policies

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Privacy policies

Post by NyghtStrix on 5th November 2017, 15:15

Privacy is considered a sensitive subject for some people which they have every right to. Privacy is also a very important thing for us as well in the sense that people feel protected and secure. Down below are key points regarding forum & user Privacy:

1. All information that's available publicly is what's input by you in your profile section. You have a choice whether to fill it in or not. Keep in mind that, the more information you put about yourself and your vehicle, the more the forum is able to connect with you and understand your concerns and/or questions. 

2. Private messages on this forum are strictly private. There were previous rumours that old forums had peoples messages exploited and accessed by admins. The administrator cannot see or access anyone's private messages no matter how hard they try. In general, it is unethical and breach of privacy if one was to do that. Rest assured, your messages (no matter how savage they are) are private unless you screenshot it and share it to the public.

3. The administrator has access to your profile settings on the forum including your IP Address. On the administration panel, administrators can see:

  • Your log in time, date and year
  • Forum Location: Which forum you are browsing
  • IP Address - IP Address is only used to ban people and for no other reason. When you get banned, your IP address goes with it which disallows you to create or access the forum at all. Your IP Address is strictly confidential and only accessible by the administrator. It's not really a thing that administrators look at on a daily basis anyways.
  • Your email - The email that you use to register on this forum is available but not accessible by the administrator. Your email address like the IP address will only be used for banning purposes
  • Username - Usernames can be changed and used for banning purposes

4. If a profile contains rule breaking content, we will change it without notification. If you repeatedly reinstate that content, we will then message you with further details. We are hoping this won't become a growing problem. Don't input anything inappropriate.

5. People who vote on polls are anonymous. No one knows who voted what. To help our polls and statistics, don't be afraid to vote your opinion and have your say.
6. We recommend to forum users to not place their address or phone numbers on the forum for your safety. No one would anyways, but just a reminder. The forum is not responsible for what happens outside the site unless it's hooning.  

Overall, all other data will be kept confidential. If you would like a privacy policy to be updated, let us know.

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