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Welcome Template

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Welcome Template

Post by NyghtStrix on 5th November 2017, 21:36

Greetings Guest! 

Welcome to the Mitsubishi Lancer CJ Full Throttle Website. 

Before you begin your Lancer Journey, you will need to do a few easy steps to unlock the whole forum. Right now, you can only see this category and the buying / selling forums. All you need to do is introduce yourself with 1 post and the whole forum will unlock. 

Please copy and paste the below:

Lancer model:
Pics (Optional):
About yourself: (Optional)

Down below what you should see after your first post!

One mod becomes 10 mods,

as one beer becomes 10 beers  Wink

Vehicle Model : XLS
Year : 2014 MY : 15
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