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Mitsubishi Lancer list 2007-2017

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Mitsubishi Lancer list 2007-2017

Post by NyghtStrix on 5th November 2017, 21:48

Why you should buy a Lancer
Despite the Mitsubishi Lancer CJ/CF no longer in production as of August 2017, the community and its presence are still as strong as ever. Here are some reasons to why you should buy a Lancer: 

  • Lancers are the most modifiable cars you could ever buy. Pretty much all aspects of a Lancer can be modified with aftermarket items that make it look contemporary and blend in to the latest cars and society
  • The longevity of this forum is promising as the CJ is the final sedan car available from Mitsubishi
  • The Lancer has knowledgeable people who can assist you with most problems with your car. If not Mitsubishi can help you themselves
  • The Lancer community does not promote Hooning. We discourage members to do stupid things with their cars
  • It is ideal for families and/or the individual driver
  • It's still one of the slickest "race car" and "Shark" looking cars in the market. Even better you can enhance its look
  • It's an eye catcher to many
  • And so much more!

Based on a Carsales list, there are some basic things you need to know about Mitsubishi Lancers:

  • Lancers come in 2.0L (110kw) or 2.4L (125kw)
    Ralliarts come in 2.0L Turbo (177kw)
    Evolutions come in 2.0L Turbo (226kw FE)
    All models are 4 Cylinder

  • Genuine Rims range from 16"-18"
    Tyre Specs: 215/45/R18
    Rims: 18x7.0
    114.3x X
    Alloy Wheels

  • Comes in CVT, Automatic or Manual Transmission. SST Turbo for Ralliarts and Evolutions

  • Fuel Consumption on average / Combined is: 8.7/100km/hr

Mitsubishi Lancer Model List

2.0L Group (Not in order)

Black Edition
ES Sport
Olympic Special
Platinum Edition
VR Platinum Edition

The difference between these models vary. Some models have something that another model may not have.

Some of these variations include MMCS, Rockford Fosgate, Wheel sizes, review mirror technology, cluster etc.
If you want to know more, please ask on this thread.

2.4L Group
Aspire (Luxury, Automatic Only)
XLS (Luxury)
CF (Latest, Supposedly 1kw weaker)

Aspire, VR-X, XLS and GSR are very similar to each other. There are minor differences such as leather trimming.

The CF however is the only model that's different from the others. Its interior is a little different and runs 1kw slower.
It also has a different Front bumper and a genuine DRL kit too. There have been mixed reactions about the new look.
You hate it or you love it. Most people "black out" the centre part of the Grille to give it the Ralliart look.

Turbo Group (2.0L)
Evolution X (GSR & MR)
Evolution Final Edition

Ralliarts share the same body as the 2.0L and 2.4L group. 
Evolutions are unique and have a wider body. You must get Evolution specific panels for it to fit.
If you buy a normal Lancer kit, it will not fit the evolution via versa

So what is it going to be? Have more questions? Post away!

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