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Post by NyghtStrix on 26th October 2017, 13:11

Hello Members.

We have a mobile version available for this forum. Although it's not very customisable, it's actually quite easy to use. The only thing you miss out on are the beautiful colours of the forum. But to add a bit of flavouring into the mix, you will see the car of Ken's 01-STFU multicoloured vehicle. That ensures that you are in the right website and link. Feel free to use it before going to bed or answering anyone if you're bored at work. Jump on!

If you would like to review the full page which is not recommended you can opt out by clicking the Drop down menu
at the top right of the page and click [Web version]. If you are on the Web version and would like to go back to the
mobile version, scroll right to the bottom panel and click [Mobile Version]

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